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Proofreader, Developmental Editor, and Creative Nonfiction Writer 

"[S.E. Reid] does amazing work! Fast, professional, and enthusiastic. We hope to work with her on many more projects!"

"As always [S.E. Reid] delivers beyond our expectations. The writing she delivered is better than expected, faster than promised! Hire her today!"

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I have worked as a freelance proofreader, copywriter, and developmental editor for the last several years in various genres and fields, including academic, fiction, memoir, and marketing. My clients run the gamut from self-published novelists and memoirists, to academics who want to turn their ideas into a well-written shareable piece, to website builders or small businesses looking for dynamic web content, and more!

I believe that every piece of writing—fiction or nonfiction, long-form or short-form—deserves to tell the right story in the most compelling way possible, and that is the purpose I apply to every piece of client work I receive. I work fast and to the utmost quality, and money does not exchange hands until my clients are 100% satisfied. 

If you’re looking for a pair of eyes to give your work a discerning glance, a proofreader to go deep into the weeds and give it a polish, or an experienced writer to make your copy sing, look no further! Reach out today!

How To Hire Me:

  • For a more secure contract, you can hire me on Upwork, where I go by “Sarah R.” professionally:

    • Top Rated Freelancer with a 100% Job Success Rate

    • Glowing reviews and testimonials from a diverse array of clients

  • Alternatively, you can email me, where I handle all transactions via My PayPal. 

Current Rates

Rates reflect my level of experience and are always weighed against the current average for freelance writers/editors nationally. Subject to change.

  • Value Rates are ideal for those on a budget, or who want a simpler edit.

  • In-Depth Rates go deeper and reflect a more comprehensive edit.

Value Rates

Outline Consulting: $40 (flat rate)

Ideal for longform fiction writers (but nonfiction writers are welcome to this, too!), this flat-rate “story diagnostic” includes one hour of my time in which I look over your story outline and materials and provide you with a document of overall notes, potential problem areas, and/or questions I might have to troubleshoot your narrative. I focus mainly on structure, motivation, and overall flow to look for holes or gaps.

  • This rate does NOT include any proofreading, nor do I look over your manuscript in its entirety. One or two chapters for context is acceptable.

  • “Materials” include: outlines, summaries, plot notes, 1-2 chapters, character profiles, relevant worldbuilding information.

  • Ideally, please do not exceed 15 pages of materials to ensure I have time to look over it all and properly identify issues within an hour.

Beta Reading: $40/hour of reading (quote given up front)

My most basic value option for finished work. I read through your completed or work-in-progress and provide you with general, reader-based impressions. This is NOT a comprehensive edit, but just a quick pass, and as such I only bill for how long I think it will take me to read the work. That said, I bring the same level of expertise to this process as all of my other edits, and I always ensure you get your money’s worth.

  • For your own estimate: I read about 20,000 words per hour.

In-Depth Rates

Hourly: $40/hour

This is ideal for short-form writing/editing projects, under or around 5,000 words, such as web content, blog posts, or newsletters/articles. I prefer to quote a total amount up-front after appraising the work, to make sure there are no surprises for either myself or my clients. All projects have a one-hour minimum.

Proofreading, Per Word: $0.01/word

This rate is for those who want bare-bones line edits on their longform projects, over 5,000 words up to book-length, and nothing else. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, etc.

Developmental Editing, Per Word: $0.012/word

This rate is ideal for a meatier look at longform projects over 5,000 words up to book-length. This rate includes mild corrections (line edits are not my chief concern, here, but I will highlight problem areas), structural/developmental comments, sensitivity awareness (if requested), and focus on any specific areas the client might want help with.

Longform Ghostwriting, Per Word:

  • No Outline: $.5/word (just the topic, no outline; interview required)

  • 50% outlined: $.25/word (vague outline; interview ideal)

  • 100% outlined: $.02/word (complete outline; interview upon request)

Longform (book-length) ghostwriting can be a tricky area for many freelancers. My most successful and mutually fulfilling experiences with longform ghostwriting include clients who are experts or passionate hobbyists in their field and have an outline of what they want, but they don’t feel confident about putting their own words on the page. The more vague the outline, the more it’s required for us to talk through what it is you want your project to look like, either on the phone or through a Zoom meeting. Please note that at this time I only take on nonfiction longform ghostwriting projects.

Whatever your project, I look forward to hearing from you!