Let's Discuss: Holy Surprises

Welcome to The Wildroot Parables weekly discussions! This is where we can come together as a community and have real talk with one another: open, honest, gracious, and curious. 

This is YOUR space to discuss with each other, not just engage with me! Because of this, SAFE SHARING is my highest priority. If you are not engaging safely and with grace with others, you will have to leave. Period

Thank you for entering this space with care!

In our devotional on Monday, we talked about looking down to find our “pockets” full of God’s providence, especially when we least expect it. These are holy surprises, moments when we don’t look for God’s generosity and it shows up anyway.

Can you think of a time when God “filled your pockets” unexpectedly? Tell us about it! And if you can’t, what are some ways that you hope God’s providence will show up in your life? What pockets need to be filled? (To those of my readers who pray, this could be a good opportunity to pray for others in this little WP community.)