Let's Discuss: Stocking the Medicine Cabinet

Welcome to The Wildroot Parables weekly discussions! This is where we can come together as a community and have real talk with one another: open, honest, gracious, and curious. 

This is YOUR space to discuss with each other, not just engage with me! Because of this, SAFE SHARING is my highest priority. If you are not engaging safely and with grace with others, you will have to leave. Period

Thank you for entering this space with care!

Happy Solstice to all, whether Summer in the north or Winter in the south! On Monday we learned that the Summer Solstice was traditionally the season when the ancients gathered their herbal medicine ahead of the darkness of winter. This undoubtedly had magical and ceremonial associations, but also practical ones: a plant is at its peak of healing compounds during the blossoming time of the year.

This week, tell us: what “medicines” do you gather into your spiritual or emotional medicine cabinet? If you gather herbs, you can tell us about that! But think more metaphorically, too. What do you need to have at hand to salve your daily discomforts, sorrows, ills, and griefs?